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Product description

Ice apples are said to be originated from India and have known by the different regional names as thati nungu, panai nungu, munjalu, etc. Ice apples are the fruits that had formed from the palmyra palm tree, especially during the scorching summers. No summer will pass without the consumption of these juicy ice apples. Thati nungu is the best and most healthy food to quench your thirst during the Indian summer season.

These Ice apples (Thati Nungu) are available in a pack of 12.

Note: Can be delivered to Hyderabad only

Product information

The uniquely refreshing fruit is a favorite among natives - especially children and senior citizens - as they provide relief from scorching temperatures. Thati nungu can not only be consumed as direct fruit but also in ice creams, curries for rice, bajji, etc. Whatever the form to delight your taste buds, ice apples are sure to make your day.


Ice apples

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional component

Amount per serving




1 g


0 g


21 g


9 mg


Health benefits

Ice apples, being composed mostly of water, act as the best coolant in summers and naturally hydrate your body. That nungu being rich in vitamins and minerals can boost the immunity there by protecting from several diseases.

Product storage

Ice apples must be stored in a refrigerator after unpacking. Thati nungu is best before 3 days from the opening date or date of manufacture.