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Godavari Vantillu offers you the taste of Andhra Pradesh, our Kobbari Kova Kajjikayalu/Laddu. We combine the authentic flavors of Godavari and Andhra and are known for our traditional approach to cooking. Taste them for yourself to find out what makes them so good.

The Kobbari or coconut Kova Kajjikayalu sweet is available in different quantities of 250 gms, 500 gms, and 1 kg.

Product information

Kobbari Kova Kajjikayalu has been an authentic recipe of Andhra since old ages. These are also named Kobbari Kova Gujiya or Kobbari Kova Laddu or Coconut Kova Laddu. Kova, Jaggery, fresh coconut, and ghee are the major elements of Kova laddu. The coconut stuffing inside the Kova laddu or Kajjikayalu will add contributory flavor to providing us with its soporific and most luscious Kova Gujiya.



Fresh Coconut



Nutritional Facts

Nutritional component

Amount per serving


33 g


5 g


0.8 mg


56 mg


0.6 mg


70 mg


Health benefits

Coconut meat will help you in boosting good cholesterol and enhance your heart health. Coconut in Kobbari Kova Kajjikayalu will improve your brain health due to the presence of MCTs and also reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Product storage

Kobbari Kova Laddu sweets must be stored in an air-tight container immediately after unpacking. They are best before 15 days from the opening date or date of manufacture.


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India India

Madhura Mina vantillu

Kova kajjikayalu was excellent in tase.excellent packing material n care taken for packing I highly recommend this Vantillu n wanting to taste more


Sweets and Hot items

Sweets are very Delicious, i like the taste and neat packing, I highly recommend for others to buy these sweets. Thanks


Kova Kajjikai, Puta rekelu

Sweets are very delicious and yummy, I like the taste and packing also. I highly recommend for others to buy these "Godavari vantillu" sweets and hot items . Thank you.

India India

Excellent Packing and Excellent Quality & Taste !

First time I placed order for following : 1. Kova Kajji Kayalu, 2. Venna Undalu, 3. Mango Jelly, 4. Karapu Boondi & 5. Chethi Chekkalu Due to Corona restrictions, the delivery got delayed by a week which is understandable. I would like to give my feedback as below: * Mango Jelly and Kova Kajji Kayalu was neatly packed in a quality polythene cover and sealed and placed in a first quality (virgin plastic ?) plastic box with good thickness and same was sealed on all sides with scotch tape ! * All other items were neatly packed in a quality polythene cover and sealed and placed in a first quality zip lock cover ! Very thoughful to have put the savouries in a polythene cover so that their crispiness and freshness is retained as and when we consume. * Regarding taste and quality - Mango Jelly is fresh and tastes really good, as usual ; Kova Kajji Kayalu is awesome. It's actually very different from the one I get from Vijayanagaram and according to me, Godavari is second to Vijayanagaram. If the delivery got delayed by another two days, being Kova and Coconut Pooranam stuffing, it would have become stale and spoilt ; Venna Undalu is having different taste with mild sweet (good for Diabetics !) and the highlight is, it leaves behind a tinge of butter - true to its name ! I love it ! Chethi Chekkalu is very different from what we make at home. We add butter to it. Of course, it's good. But we we are used to thinner version so that it's crispy. This is slightly thicker and hence slightly soggy ! And Karapu Boondi is a TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT in terms of ingredients ! While the picture shows ingredients like boondi, ground nuts and cashew nuts with Curry leaves, I couldn't see even one ground nut or cashew nut. I could hardly find sizable Curry leaves as in picture - only residual of Curry leaves ! Had they added these two nuts and Curry leaves, it would have been top class as I find the taste, crispiness and spiciness of Boondi par excellent ! I have, in fact, ordered another set of sweets and savouries from out of above, as a gift to my friend yesterday. I was actually looking for a Gifting Option while placing order. I couldn't find. At the time of delivery to my friend, I will only get a communication to my mobile and mail as there's no provision for indicating the mobile number and mail id of addressee. When the addressee receives the parcel, he will not even know, who has gifted it ! I have to keep him informed when I receive a communication which beats the purpose of somebody getting the feel of surprising gift ! GODAVARI to note and inform your staff members of the appreciation and keep it up and at the same time, improve on the shortcomings please. (G. Sudhakara Gupta, Chennai)