About Godavari Vantillu

Godavari Vantillu offers authentic Andhra style delicacies like sweets, snacks, pickles, fryums, powders, and many more. Our specialty is we prepare all foods with 100% natural ingredients without adding any taste boosters, food colors, and chemicals. Most of our foods were made with 100% organic ingredients. We are located in a village named West Vipparru which is centrally located in West Godavari. All our recipes are the same old as grandma's style and will resemble your childhood food memories once again.

Being passionate about good Godavari Style Food at Godavati Vantillu we launched GodavariVantillu.com to offer all types of Godavari Special delicacies across the globe.

Our Commitment:

100% natural 

As explained previously one of our core specialties is all food items are prepared with natural ingredients.


All food items are made under 100% Hygiene conditions ensuring fullest safety.


Our catalog offers authentic grandma delicacies with exact old (golden) recipes.


All our products are prepared freshly every day in small batches to offer long-lasting freshness.