Special Pappu Chegodi / Narayana lanka Pappu Chegodilu

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Product description

Godavari Vantillu is a confectionery and provider of sweets and savories in India, and we offer you an authentic Hot snack from Andhra called Pappu Chekodi. Followed by our traditional cooking methods, this Chegodi imbued with dal is the taste of antiquity.

This Pappu Chakodi Hot is available in different quantities of 250 gms, 500 gms, and 1 kg.

Product information

World-famous Narayana Lanka Pappu Chegodilu is freshly fried, with good quality ingredients such that one can savor the crumbly and toothsome hot snack. Pappu Chakodi will bring back the memories of the school days as the kids from the ‘80s only knew these as the best snack. These chegodilu were made specially at home, with 100% fresh oil under hygiene conditions. As renowned food manufacturers who value the customer’s priority, we prepare most of our food items freshly once the order is placed.


Rice flour

Natural Butter

Sea Salt

Red chili powder

Chana dal

Sunflower oil

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional component

Amount per serving


80 Kcal


14 g


2 g


2 mg


1 g


4 mg


Health benefits

Pappu chakodi, being made of rice flour and chana dal, is rich in protein, and micronutrients like vitamins and minerals, especially thiamin, zinc, and essential amino acids. They help not only with body metabolism but to improve brain functioning.

Product storage

Pappu Chekodi Must be kept in a sealed container directly after unpacking. They are best before 30 days from the opening date or date of manufacture.