Madugula Halwa Special Dry Fruit

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Product information

The most popular sweet of Visakhapatnam, Madugula Halwa is now online. Feel the real blend of original Madugula halwa made from the Dangeti family, which is very popular for over a decade. Madugula halwa is made from wheat milk, which is made by soaking wheat for several days and extracting the formed milk to prepare this halwa. Once the milk is prepared, halwa is made using pure ghee, cashew and other dry fruits will be added on the top. This is a signature recipe for the Dangeti Family. This halwa is known as Dangeti Vari Halwa.

At Godavari Vantillu, we offer a range of desserts that are made with the most natural ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. We deliver them all across India.

These Dangeti Madugula Halwa are offered in different quantities of 250 gms, 500 gms, and 1 kg.





Dry fruits

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional component

Amount per serving


47.7 g


3.6 g


1.2 g


27.5 mg


4 mg


Health benefits

Madugula halwa is made by fermentation of wheat, which shows the probiotic nature of the sweet dessert. Therefore, Dangeti Madugula halwa aids in digestion and improves gut health. Dry fruits also improve heart health because of the presence of good cholesterol, HDL.

Product storage

Dangeti Madugula halwa is required to be stored in an air-tight container immediately after unpacking. The best before the date for Madugula halwa is 2 months from the opening or manufacture date.