Kajjikayalu (Crispy Coconut Gujiya/Karanji)

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Product description

You can get an authentic Andhra sweet, Coconut Kajjikayalu from Godavari Vantillu. We make this by following the conventional cooking techniques followed by our ancestors.

The Karanji or Kajjikayalu is homemade Coconut Gujiya sweet is available in different quantities of 250 gms, 500 gms, and 1 kg.

Product information

Kajjikayalu, which is known as the Indian dumpling, is native to Andhra Pradesh. It is also popularly known as Gujiya in the northern part of India. Karanji is either baked or fried or roasted sweets filled with the delicious and luscious mixture of roasted semolina, poppy seeds, nuts, and exquisite and sweet flavored dehydrated coconut, either sugar or jaggery, enlaced with the imbued of cardamom. The crescent fashioned sweet with a crumbly and flaky exterior that is suffused with cardamom aromatized mixture will make it appetizing.



Dehydrated coconut



Nutritional Facts

Nutritional component

Amount per serving


29 g


3 g


21 mg


85 mg


1.4 mg


3 mg


Health benefits

This Andhra Pradesh dessert, Coconut Gujiya has provided you with great nutritional benefits. Desiccated coconut flakes in Kajjikayalu are rich in healthy and saturated fat besides selenium, which is an important mineral that enhances the immunity and function of the thyroid gland. Manganese-rich poppy seeds, antioxidants rich cardamom will add value to your healthy life by reducing cardiovascular diseases and progressing bone health.

Product storage

Kajjikayalu or Karanji must be stored in an air-tight container immediately after unpacking. They are best before 15 days from the opening date or date of manufacture.