Our commitment for a COVID free world

We take strong measures when it comes to the matter of hygiene, specially ensure fssai guide lines to prevent the spread of CARONAVIRUS. 

While FSSAI’s mandate is to ensure safe and wholesome food for the country, the importance of food safety and hygiene has never been more as we navigate through these unprecedented times. As we change our lifestyles in times of social distancing to prevent further transmission of COVID-19, FSSAI is using its social media presence to help guide the communities with an appropriate course of action during this public health crisis.

We also made sure to pack the products with additional seal on the top which we request customers to remove the seal with out touching the box then take the box inside the house.

Also we do not accept any cash on delivery orders to avoid direct contact with delivery boys. 

Our day to day measures

  • We sanitize our premises every day.
  • We check the temperatures of our kitchen and packing staff before they enter our premises.
  • All our employees wear a new set of masks, head caps and hand gloves all the time while they are at work.
  • All our staff members make sure to wash their hands frequently.
  • We avoid direct contact with anyone during our kitchen times.
  • We use a disinfectant spray on the packing materials that we use.
  • We also cover all shipping boxes with an extra layer of antibacterial stretch film, we would request you to remove the stretch film then take the shipping box inside the house to ensure 100% protection from outside germs and viruses