Bellam Kommulu / Sweet Murukulu

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Product description

Inside the warm climate of Godavari Vantillu, Bellam Kommulu is still an art, using centuries-old techniques handed down from generation to generation. With our team of experts, Godavari makes Bellam Kommulu an unmatched sweet synonymous with freshness, fine taste, and the irresistible flavor that has made it a favorite. Inside every Bellam Kommulu box is a fruit that reflects the spirit of the people of Godavari Vantillu, an eternal flame of passion for perfection. But what truly defines Godavari Bellam Sweet Murukulu is its appeal. 

These Jaggeried tusks or Sweet Muruku are offered in different quantities of 250 gms, 500 gms, and 1 kg.

Product information

Sweet Bellam Kommulu is a ready-to-eat delicious dessert from the Godavari district. Bellam Murukulu, a pulse candy from our family kitchen, is a mix of fine ingredients that include Besan, rice flour, ghee, salt, and jaggery. These tasty treats have a delicious texture and taste. No matter what your reason is to smile, these sweet treats will put a smile on everyone’s face. Sweet Kommulu will always be your secret weapon for impressing friends and family. Bellam sweet Murukulu is an excellent choice as party desserts as they look beautiful as a centerpiece and taste so tempting, you’ll have to resist taking over one!


Besan or gram flour

Rice flour




Cardamom powder

Fresh cooking oil

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional component

Amount per serving


43 g


3 g


2 g


1 g


16 mg


0.9 mg


107 mg


Health benefits

Bellam Murukulu is loaded with calcium that helps in strengthening bones and teeth. Vitamin B1 will ensure that you remain mentally balanced. Jaggery in this composition will promote hemoglobin content in women, reducing the risk of anemia. Cardamom has antioxidant properties which help to keep chronic diseases at bay. It provides a sufficient amount of iron to your body, thus helping in the proper functioning of your physical system.

Product storage

Sweet Bellam Murukulu or Bellam Kommulu are packed in a protective atmosphere and require to be stored in an air-tight container immediately after unpacking. These Sweet Kommulu are best before 30 days before the opening date or date of manufacture.

 These are very famous in Godavari districts! the ingredients that make up their style are unique. They say one more time. Although these are made with lentils, children love them and want to eat as little as possible. This is the Best Healthy Sweet that can be enjoyed in less time!

How Bellam Kommulu / Sweet Murukulu are cooked?

Add salted rice flour, hot oil and mix well. When the dough becomes fluffy, then add water and knead the dough slightly Now boil the oil well. Put a plate with large holes in the cauliflower vulture and put the dough in it and press the cauliflower These should be crispy only on high-flame.