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Product description

The Bellam Nuvvula Gormiti is a traditional dish that has been passed down generation after generation and cooked by Godavari Vantillu according to the traditional culinary methods. You can try these Jaggeried Nuvvula Gorumitilu to experience the delicate, sweet flavor that is unrivaled.

This Bellam Nuvvula Goru meetilu is offered in different quantities of 250 gms, 500 gms, and 1 kg.

Product information

The Bellam Nuvvula Gorumitilu is the favorite sweet snack and is consumed on all occasions as a perfect tea time snack. Jaggeried Sesame Gorumitilu chekka / Goru meetilu is the sweet and crispy fried combination of butter, All-purpose flour, and semolina spread with jaggery syrup that is blended with the flavoring of cardamom powder. This sesame garnished, mouthwatering, sweet Gormiti is a scrumptious and crunchy creation that melts softly into your mouth.



All-purpose flour




Cardamom powder

Sesame seeds

Fresh cooking oil

Nutritional facts

Nutritional component

Amount per serving


74 g


4 g


2090 mg


16 mg


2 mg


1 mg

Health benefits

Gorumitilu is a nutritional supplement made of the Indian natural sweetener, jaggery, and the prized flavor of cardamom. These two ingredients have been used for centuries in both India and other countries around the world for their therapeutic benefits in preventing anemia, improving cardiac health, and fighting against cancer.

Product storage

Always store Bellam Nuvvula Gorumitilu in an air-tight container and use it within 30 days of opening the packet to get maximum shelf life.