Cashew Nut Sugar Pootharekulu

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Product description

It’s time to celebrate Andhra food! Take a walk down the path of time with Godavari Vantillu’s retro treats. These old-fashioned delights are of the traditional Indian recipes passed down from our ancestors. Try some Cashew Nut Sugar Pootharekulu for yourself or your loved one’s today.

This Cashew Nut Panchadara Putharekulu is offered in different quantities of 250 gms, 500 gms, and 1 kg

Product information

All the way from the village of Atreyapuram, this sweet dessert is infused with cashews and sugar. The sweet and rich Cashew Nut sugar Pootharekulu is the perfect sweet and delicious dessert for festivals. This Cashew Nut Panchadara Pootharekulu is made from a Jaya biyyam which is a batter made of rice and is blended with sugar and ghee. Never forgo your rich heritage and enjoy yourself the delicacy of our Cashew Nut sugar Pootharekulu.


Rice starch



Cashew nuts

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional component

Amount per serving


94 g


10 g


241 mg


60 mg


5 mg


3 mg


Health benefits

Rice starch rich in thiamin is good for your brain health as it not only improves brain power but also enhances concentration. The cashews are rich in high-density lipoproteins and antioxidants that are considered as a boon for your cardiac health.

Product storage

Godavari district’s Authentic Sweet Cashew Nut Panchadara Pootharekulu must be stored in a sealed container immediately after opening the package. Cashew Nut infused Sugar paper sweets are best before 30 days from the date of opening or date of manufacture, although taste better when consumed within a week.