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Product description

Fermented rice is one of the dishes that has been created and preserved by generations. Chaddi Annam has a unique taste which is a fusion of sweet, salty, tart, and umami flavors. This fermented curd rice helps increase the appetite, releases toxins from the body, and promotes digestion.

Fermented curd rice has made with leftover rice from the previous day’s dinner or lunch. The Special earthen pots have been used to ferment this rice. Leftover rice has transferred to this earthen pot. Water has added to the pot and later was left to ferment over time until it became soft to enrich an earthy flavor. The delicious treat, Neeragaram (Saddi Annam) is the best-flavored cuisine that you should try at home for you to know how amazing it tastes. Its looks and smell will surely catch your attention to savor its freshness during mealtime.






Nutritional Facts


Nutritional component

Amount per 100g


0 g


897 Kcal


99.7 g

Total carbohydrates

0 g


256.8 mg


Health benefits

Fermented rice (Palaya Sadam) is considered the best probiotic food, which enriches the gut biome and improves intestinal health and metabolism. It can be a wholesome and scrumptious breakfast that can both energize throughout the day and acts as a coolant neutralizing the heat in the body.

Product storage

Fermented rice must be stored in a sealed container directly after unpacking. Chaddannam must consumed within one day after delivery.