Jeedipappu Pakodi / Cashew Pakoda / Kaju Pakodi 250gms

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Product description

The Cashew Pakoda packs serious taste and nutrition in each bite. It is the healthiest and most delectable Munthiri Pakoda you will ever find with all the goodness of cashews, flavored with rich spices and gram flour. Kaju Pakoda is an indispensable part of any celebration and makes a great gift if you want to retain your good karma!

Product information

Packed with palatable ingredients and freshly harvested cashews, our Kaju Pakoda is full of authentic Indian taste. Treat yourself to a handful of Cashew Pakodi either as an anytime snack or as accompaniment during evening meets with your friends and family. Work your way through our wide range of delicious products from the Godavari and be transported back to India with every bite.



Gram flour

Chili powder

Sunflower oil


Nutritional Facts

Nutritional component

Amount per 100g


18.79 g


457 Kcal


46.32 g

Total carbohydrates

29.34 g



Trans fat



Health benefits

Jeedipappu Pakodi contains components that have high-level nutritional values, namely healthy fats such as linoleic and non-linoleic fatty acids. Both of these essential fatty acids improve heart health. The amounts of cholesterol and triglycerides will never augment in the body even when you consume Cashew Pakoda often.

Product storage

Munthiri Pakoda must be stored in a sealed container directly after unpacking. They are best before 30 days from the opening date or date of manufacture.