Kura Karam 500 gms

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Product description

Koora Karam is a savory, aromatic, and extremely tasty condiment, which has been specially added to the different cuisines for an exceptional taste. It is made by including the ingredients such as coriander, garlic, cumin seeds, salt, turmeric, and innumerable others to get a perfect taste.

Formulated with a distinct bouquet of the finest spices this curry powder was sure to add a touch of magic to your culinary delights. The spicy red chilies and aromatic coriander seeds grant it a tantalizing taste, whereas its premium cumin and garlic render it a delightful flavor. Your tasty biryanis and mouth-watering spicy curries are incomplete without a Kura Karam podi. Our curry chili powder is produced in safe and hygienic conditions, using the best spices to provide a rich taste and flavor.


Red chillies

Coriander seeds





Nutritional Facts


Nutritional component

Amount per 100g


10 g


255 Kcal


15 g

Total carbohydrates

2 g


0 mg


Health benefits

Kura Karam has made from the highest quality red chili and other spices, and it accelerates digestion and relieves constipation and gas. Moreover, capsaicin which is rich in anti-inflammatory properties aids in reducing inflammation and pain.

Product storage

Kura karam must be stored in a sealed container directly after unpacking. Curry chili powder is best before 6 months from the opening date or date of manufacture.