Mango Jelly / Mamidi Thadra

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Product description

It is the quality of love and perfection that makes Godavari Vantillu’s sweet creations more popular than before, across India and abroad. With the use of traditional methods of cooking, Vantillu’s team has brought forth some of the most delectable sweets to the market. Some of their most famous sweets are the Vantillu’s Mango or Mamidi Tandra, which is cooked with a special warm heart and adroitness.

This Mango Fruit Jelly is offered in different quantities of 250 gms, 500 gms, and 1 kg.

Product information

India’s best-selling mango jelly is a perfect treat for any food lover. It has been made from natural ingredients and cooked with love to bring out the best flavor and will melt in your mouth. Mango Tandra is prepared to be delighted with this most delectable and exotic of Andhra snacks.


Mango Pulp




Nutritional Facts

Nutritional component

Amount per serving


200 Kcal


45.5 g


1.1 g


0.8 mg


9.7 g


37 mg


Health benefits

Mangoes being rich in magnesium and potassium will aid in lowering the blood pressure, thereby regulating your cardiac health. Mangiferin, a compound in mangoes will reduce the inflammation in your heart.

Product storage

Mamidi Tandra is required to be stored in an air-tight container at a cool and dry place immediately after unpacking. The best before the date for Mango Jelly is 3 months from the opening or manufacture date.

Note : all pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. actual product may vary due to product enhancement. Jelly will be different at early crop and layers will be thicker.