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Product description

Milk Mysore Pak is a popular sweet dish from Godavari Vantillu. Godavari Vantillu is the producer of authentic sweet Kova Mysore Pak or Milk Mysore Pak, which we proudly deliver to every city and town across India. Exceptional recipes made from the purest ingredients and distinguished heritage, besides an uncompromising commitment to quality, have ensured that Godavari Vantillu continues to delight customers far and wide.

This Pala Mysore Pak or Milk Mysore Pak is offered in different quantities of 250 gms, 500 gms, and 1 kg.


Product information

Milk / Kova Mysore Pak is the popular, luscious sweet native of a city named Mysore. Milk Mysore pak is a must-try sweet from the royal kitchens of Mysore. This delicious sweet is just made with besan, sugar and ghee, and milk. It’s named sweet Pak since the chewy mixture is cooked in a sugar syrup along with ghee. Just a few ingredients, yet it tastes so divine!



Besan / Gram flour





Nutritional facts

Nutritional component

Amount per serving


34 g


2 g


29 g


1 g


5 mg


0.5 mg


84 mg


Health benefits

Pala Mysore Pak is made with the goodness of milk and besan that has benefits of more proteins, essential amino acids which will provide you with immunity-boosting, cell functioning and repair, and muscle health.


Product storage

Milk Mysore Pak is packed in a protective atmosphere and requires to be stored in an air-tight container immediately after unpacking. This Kova Mysore Pak is best before 15 days before the opening date or date of manufacture.