Palli Undalu (verusenaga pappu undalu)

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Nothing is best snack to provide us the energy as much as the palli undalu does, it's a must love every kid from 70's and 80's. Not only that its healthy but also its economical and really really tasty compared to any chocolate. In fact its the best version of Indian Snickers.

Shelf Life : 6 months

Storage Temperature : Normal

Ingredients : Nuts and Organic Jaggery (Ghee Optional)

Taste : Thick Sweet

How Palli Undalu (or) Verusenaga Undalu?

No recipe can be this delicious with only 2 ingredients, however the process is bit tedious. Timing is every thing for making the best palli laddu (verusenaga pappu undalu). 

Below are the simple steps to make best palli undalu (verusenaga pappu undalu)

1. Take nuts and jaggery in 2: 1 ratio for example if you take 200 gms of palli take 100 gms of jaggery.

2. Fry peanuts if a dry pan until you see them completely fried. Make sure you dont over fry them.

3. In a clean vessel add jaggery and water in low heat keep mixing the paste until you see sticky texture. Test the consistency for every 30 secs

4. The consistency should be sticky when you take it out of heat and should quickly become hard and crispy.

5. On the other hand rub the peanuts until the cover is gone after that add these to jaggery paste.

6. Add some Ghee (optional), you need to make the balls quickly after adding peanuts so that the paste does not become hard.

Pro tip : User food grade hand gloves for make the balls

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Very bad either too salty or too hard