Sunnundalu / Minapa Sunnundalu / Urad Dal laddu

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Sunni Vunda also known as Minapa Sunnundalu is the symbol of traditional Andhra sweets. It's also very popular across India as Urad Dal Laddu. While urad dal has many proven health benefits like improved digestion, bone health, skin health and many more, Sunnundalu are the best way to consume urad dal. Sunnundalu are best in taste when consumed immediately while making and they last for 3 weeks once made. Best taste is preserved till 2 weeks from the manufacturing day.

Sunnundalu are also well known as energy boosters, its the best snack for kids health. 

We make fresh sunnundalu about 3-4 hours prior to the dispatch so they will last longer, we also make these with freshly produced ghee to give the perfect authentic feel .