Thati Thegalu (palm sprouts) or (palm sprouts)

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Product description

Pana Kilangu, the recipe famous for coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh, is now introduced to the universe by the most trusted store, Godavari Vantillu. These special, luscious palm sprouts are called with different names such as gengul, gaygulu, Pana Kilangu, Panam Kizhangu are the healthful snacks that will tantalize your taste buds. 

This Thati Thegalu / Pana Kilangu / Palmyra sprout is offered in a set of 12 whole sprouts.

Product information

Pana Kilangu, the palm sprouts are the best culinary treasure consumed for centuries as a snack and supper, not only for their nutritious aspects but also to savor the smoky and nutty flavor combined with a slight tinge of sweetness coming from the starch content. The roasted or boiled palmyra sprouts with a pinch of salt to satisfy your palate. So, boost your health and relish your taste buds with one wholesome and flavorsome snack, Thati Thegalu / Pana Kilangu.


Palmyra Sprouts


Nutritional Facts

Nutritional component

Amount per serving


70 Kcal


16 g


1 g


0 mg


10 g


Health benefits

Palmyra sprouts are rich in fiber and starch, which led to providing ample health gains. Pana Kilangu is considered best to avoid constipation in pregnant women and the elderly. Thati Thegalu is a nourishing snack food for diabetic people as it is capable of controlling blood glucose levels.

Product storage

Pana Kilangu is required to be stored in an air-tight container at a cool and dry place immediately after unpacking. The best before the date for Thati Thegalu is 1 month from the opening or manufacture date.